Monday, January 23, 2006

Alert E-mail #5

January 21, 2006


Hello To All,
Our first bill to receive a hearing (HB 1075) went very well. It passed out of committee with only one "NO" vote. Next stop for this bill is the House Floor. This bill would allow confiscated firearms which were used in a crime, to be sold intact rather than destroyed. More info is posted on our 1-16-06 Alert E-mail #3. Now would be a good time to contact both of your State Representatives from your Legislative District and ask them to vote for passage of HB 1075 when it comes to a floor vote. This will be some time early this week. To find your Representatives contact info, go to our web site A phone call this weekend would be great, or you can contact them when they return to the capital by the below method. You can fax or call the House Lobby number and leave a message for both of them by name.
House Lobby 605-773-3851
Fax a message 605-773-6806
( select legislator's name from drop down box)

(If any of these links are not supported by your ISP, let me know and I can e-mail you the actual addresses.)

There is little action presently on our other bills, so I will send subsequent messages as things unfold. We have another bill pending which is in reaction to the Sioux Falls Argus Leader printing names of CCW permit holders in their newspaper. Apparently, they found a loop hole in SD law which they are taking advantage of to do this, so we will be tightening the noose around our privacy tighter yet with upcoming legislation. If you have fallen victim to this inappropriate list, please contact me. I would like to talk to some of you about this bad experience. SDSSA will do everything possible to put an end to this policy by the Argus Leader.

Please, do not forget our polls at regarding Legislation we are lobbying. This has proven to be an exceptional tool, especially the comments coming in at the bottom of each poll. I enjoy reading them and they have provided some excellent talking points. As we lobby at the capital, we represent you and your views, so this is a good method to pass them on to us. I have passed many of your comments on to our Legislators.

Some have brought it to my attention that they did not receive Alert E-mail #4. All of the Alert E-mails are posted on my Blog Spot at . My apologies if you were missed.

The final item I hesitantly bring to you but it sadly must be presented. Since 1998 there has been no organization in SD that has authored and lobbied to completion any firearms legislation other than the SD Shooting Sports Association in conjunction with the National Rifle Association since we are their state affiliate. Our record is 100% with never having lost a bill yet, whether it has been to pass good bills or defeat bad bills. Most of our bills pass with a strong majority or unanimous vote. We work year round researching SD gun laws in order to bring you the best legislation possible. Our record is posted at Bear in mind this does not include the SD Wildlife Federation who deals very effectively with hunting issues. I am not sure of their record, but it is exemplary in this area.
For the last few years there has been a duo from Rapid City that has no shame when it comes to taking credit for what SDSSA and NRA has accomplished on your behalf and with your assistance. They have never successfully completed anything legislatively at the capital and hardly ever show up there. When they do, they are greeted with justified criticism because of their constant attacks on our solidly pro-gun Legislators. Their latest scam is to have people sign a petition asking GF&Ps to repeal a rule which governs concealed carry. This is a mute issue presently. I have been working with the Secretary of GF&P (John Cooper) for over 2 months now to exempt permit holders from that rule and it was successfully accomplished with the sincere efforts of Mr. Cooper. I wrote about this in Alert E-mail # 1. The duo that represents SD Gun Owners never contributed any effort to this venture and only found out about it after I published the facts, but now they would have you think they are the main catalyst. They have continually deceived gun owners by circulating lies, propaganda, and fear tactics aimed at making you think the worse of every scenario. All the while, soliciting funds from unsuspecting gun owners. The record speaks for itself. SDSSA has NEVER solicited funds from anyone yet remains the strongest, largest, most influential, and most successful Second Amendment lobbying group in South Dakota. Keep your money in your pocket, it will do you more good there. We will continue to protect and expand your firearms rights at the capital and keep you informed as we always have. You know what is about to happen at the capital before anyone else does and we will continue to be your voice to the legislative body.

As always; please forward this message to every gun owner you know. If this message was forwarded to you and you would prefer to become a member of the SDSSA Alert E-mail list, register at and you will be added to the largest pro-firearms e-mail network in state of South Dakota.

Thank You,

David F. Conway,
SD Shooting Sports Assoc.-Legislative Affairs
P.O. Box 402
Black Hawk, SD 57718-0402
Phone: 605-787-5713
Fax: 605-786-0339