Sunday, January 15, 2006

SD Shooting Sports Assoc. Alert E-mail #2

January 15, 2006


Hello To All,

            The next item of interest is the only bill requested by SD Shooting Sports Association. Although we will be assisting others in passage of their bills, and information will follow in subsequent Alert E-mails, this is the only bill we are running at this point. The text of the bill will be posted very shortly at; or you can read it below. Rep. Buckingham (Dist. 33) will be our prime sponsor and Sen. McCracken (Dist. 34) will carry it in the Senate


    A little back ground is in order. Presently, SD has 3 separate laws which prohibit a county, a township, or a municipality from passing any ordinances that restrict firearms possession, sales, ownership, etc. They are respectively, 7-18A-36, 8-5-13, and 9-19-20 and we have them posted on our web site at

These are our present preemption laws which protect our "right to keep and bear arms" from unjustified encroachment. These laws establish that our state legislative body is the only political entity that should be enacting laws governing firearms. This allows the residents of SD an equal voice in the process through their elected officials. Some state agencies have been granted rule making authority by our state legislature, to include rules pertaining to various areas of firearms possession and usage. While the bulk of these agency adopted rules fall into acceptable guidelines for the agencies to conduct normal activities, we felt a need to protect our concealed carry rights as established by chapter 23-7 of SD law. Thus the formation of our bill which reads as follows;

            No state agency may adopt or promulgate any rule that restricts any right or privilege to carry or possess a pistol in contravention to authority being exercised in accordance with being licensed to carry a concealed pistol pursuant to chapter 23-7


            We have already gathered a tremendous volume of cosponsors in both the House and the Senate so we will inform you in subsequent Alert E-mails which Legislators still need to be contacted for their support. For now, we have a survey concerning this bill posted on our web site at and encourage everyone to take the time to voice your opinion. Your input is valuable to us. We represent you as we lobby in Pierre. These numbers will be used at capital hearings to show the level of support for this legislation.


            All past Alert E-mails are posted at for your convenience. Please go back and review them occasionally. Cracker-barrel sessions are starting up in various places around the state. This gives you a tremendous opportunity to listen to, and visit with your local Legislators to voice your opinion on our issues. We encourage everyone to attend these sessions if possible.


As always; please forward this message to every gun owner you know. If this message was forwarded to you and you would prefer to become a member of the SDSSA Alert E-mail list, register at and you will be added to the largest pro-firearms e-mail network in state of South Dakota. Our unduplicated legislative success rate stands at 100% without ever having solicited a dime from anyone.


Thank You,


David F. Conway,

SD Shooting Sports Association

     Legislative Affairs Director


12708 Robinson Road

Black Hawk,  SD     57718-9325

Phone:     605-787-5713

Fax:          605-786-0339



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