Thursday, January 19, 2006

SD Shooting Sports Assoc. Alert E-mail #4

January 18, 2006

Alert E-mail #4


Hello To All,


            The next bill SDSSA is lobbying for is one molded around the Florida "Castle Doctrine" law just recently passed. It is being introduced by Rep. Hanks (Dist. 32).


            South Dakota presently has very explicit self defense laws which define the justifiable use of force while protecting yourself, or others, from threatened bodily injury. One of these laws, 20-9-8  dates back to 1877. To read the exact statute language for all of our self defense laws, go to  A weakness we find in SD law states, "the force or violence used cannot be more than that sufficient to prevent such offense". As you can see, this is left open to interpretation. If you were to confront someone on your property who intended to inflict bodily harm on you or a member of your family and you stopped the situation by regrettably shooting this individual, who would decide if your actions were "beyond sufficient" resulting in you being charged with a criminal offense for protecting your family. Rep. Hanks bill (Draft 301) will remedy this situation by rewriting 22-18-4 to eliminate this possibility and to establish a person's right to lawfully resist by force or violence any threat of bodily injury. It also establishes that a person does NOT have to retreat if the person is in a place where he or she has a right to be. This goes beyond your home. The full text of this bill is posted at . (Remember as you read bills that ask for changes to existing law, the proposed omitted parts are overstricken, and the new wording is underscored). SDSSA has hosted another Quick Poll concerning this bill at for your input. Please answer this one and any other polls you may have previously missed. Answer each poll only once. Many people are expressing additional views in the poll comment boxes. This is proving to be a very beneficial tool and we thank you for your input. As we lobby at the State Capital, it is always imperative that we know where the firearms' owner's concerns resonate from. We represent you!



            As our bills move forward I will keep you updated for any changes. In the previous Alert E-mail #3 we addressed Draft 049. It has now been assigned a number, HB 1075, and is having it's first hearing in House Judiciary on Friday morning January 20th at 7:45AM. Now would be the time to contact Committee Members and voice your support for this legislation. In your Subject box, be sure to print "Support HB 1075". Due to time constraints, e-mail will be the best way to communicate with them. Their names and e-mail addresses are below.


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            All past Alert E-mails are posted at for your convenience. Please go back and review them occasionally. This will be their permanent archive spot. There is quite a bit of gun bill related activity at the capital this session and I will be referring to past Alert E-mails occasionally as I update you.


As always; please forward this message to every gun owner you know. If this message was forwarded to you and you would prefer to become a member of the SDSSA Alert E-mail list, register at and you will be added to the largest pro-firearms e-mail network in state of South Dakota. Our unduplicated legislative success rate stands at 100% without ever having solicited funds from anyone.


Thank You,


David F. Conway,

SD Shooting Sports Assoc.-Legislative Affairs


P.O. Box 402

Black Hawk,  SD     57718-0402

Phone:     605-787-5713

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 If you have received this message in error, (and this does happen occasionally), forward this message to the e-mail address "", and your e-mail address will be deleted. If this is the case, please accept our apologies.