Tuesday, January 24, 2006

SD Shooting Sports Assoc. Alert E-Mail #6



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Hello To All,

            Our next bill of interest is HB 1173. This is the replacement bill for HB 1083 which had improper language in the first line. I never made a big issue out of this bill in the beginning because I did not want people to be confused, so a brief explanation is in order. This is the bill which seeks to prohibit "any state agency" from restricting your legal right to carry a concealed pistol. Presently, any state agency that has been granted firearms rule making authority by the state Legislature can (by rule) prohibit your right to carry within their designated areas. An example of this is the Game, Fish and Parks Dept. which had a rule restricting this right in all state parks, state recreation areas, state nature areas, state lakeside use areas, and the Mickelson Trail in the Black Hills. I would like to emphasize my use of the word HAD. Mr. John Cooper, the Secretary for GF&P, has addressed this situation internally. He drafted an amendment to their rules and presented it for approval to their commissioners. By a slight oversight, the original draft did not include out of state permit holders, so Mr. Cooper revised his first draft to also include those folks. This rule change has been agreeably accepted by the Commission with finalization expected in March. This brings me back to our bill. Even though GF&P was so amiable with this correction to their rules, SD Shooting Sports Assoc. feels the need to bind this into statute (law), so this problem never arises again in the future. A state wide  patch work of gun laws serves no good purpose. If laws concerning our right to carry are to be passed, this should only be done by the Legislature, which is the voice of the people. This gives the gun owners an equal voice in the process. The original draft (HB 1083) specifically addressed GF&P which was not our intent and we planned on having it deferred to the 36th legislative day (killed) at the first hearing which was today. We already had the replacement version (HB 1173) ready to go which addresses "any state agency". To view these and all of our other bills in their entirety, go to '06 Legislative Session


When HB 1173 is assigned to a committee, we will let you know. It could be as soon as this Friday. Some of you have already responded to the wrong bill due to misinformation by the SD Gun Owners group so I must again caution everyone, this group is not involved with the mechanics of any of the 4 gun bills this year. SD Shooting Sports Assoc. Alert E-mails will be going out on a regular basis and keeping you up to date as we proceed. All past Alert E-mails are posted on my Blog Site at http://sdssala.blogspot.com/ for your convenience. Please go back and review them occasionally as this will be their permanent archive spot. SDSSA and NRA have a total of 4 gun bills this year so I will be referring to past Alert E-Mails occasionally, as I update you.


            UPDATE: HB 1075, the bill which would allow DCI the additional option to sell confiscated firearms, has passed the House floor on a 66 to 2 vote. Now it moves to the Senate. Senator McCracken will introduce it there.


            UPDATE: HB 1083 has now been replaced with HB 1173. HB 1083 was deferred to the 36th legislative day. This is the "No Rules" bill.


            UPDATE: HB 1134, the Self Defense bill and HB 1199, the Permit Privacy bill have yet to be assigned a committee. Both could be heard as early as this Friday the 27th.


            One last item, if you have not already voted in our Quick Polls, please take this opportunity to do so. The comments section at the bottom of each poll has produced some excellent remarks for discussion when I visit with Legislators. Feel free to post your feelings on all of these issues and thank you for your input.


As always; please forward this message to every gun owner you know. If this message was forwarded to you and you would prefer to become a member of the SDSSA Alert E-mail list, register at http://sdshootingsports.org/legislative_affairs_signup.htm and you will be added to the largest pro-firearms e-mail network in state of South Dakota. Our unduplicated legislative success rate stands at 100% without ever having solicited funds from anyone.


Thank You,


David F. Conway,

SD Shooting Sports Assoc.-Legislative Affairs


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