Wednesday, February 01, 2006

SD Shooting Sports Assoc. Alert E-Mail #9




Hello To All,


            More good news from the capital. HB 1134, the No Retreat - Self Defense Bill,  passed out of the House on a 48 to 19 vote. Many thanks to everyone who contacted their Representatives and asked for this bill to be passed. I doubt this bill would have survived without this contact. This bill has become our most controversial bill this year and if you want to see it passed, we will need your help when it now gets into the Senate. I will notify you when it is assigned to a committee. This bill is controversial enough that if Senators do not hear from constituents, it would not surprise me to see them vote against it due to lack of grassroots support. If you were ever forced into a situation that dictated using justified force or violence to defend yourself or a loved one, you will be served well by this bill being passed into law now. If you have not read through the bill, please take the time to do it at and form an opinion to follow up on. The bill's prime sponsor (Rep. Hanks) made a very insignificant amendment to it before passage from the House floor, so the above version is the newest one. The key 'stand your ground factor' of "no retreat" is still left intact.


 HB 1199, the CCW Applicants Privacy Bill, passed off the House floor with a 65 to 2 vote. This bill also heads to the Senate and I will notify you when it is assigned to a committee. I am expecting additional opposition from some newspapers in the state as they feel they have the right to publish your name when you apply for a CCW permit. Our Quick Poll on this issue shows 100% in favor of maintaining privacy for applicants. The newspapers claim to have their own poll showing just the opposite. (HMMM)! If you have not already voted in our polls, this would be a good time to do so.  I will be bringing the results with me to the Senate hearings.


HB 1173, the No Agency CCW Rules Bill, passed the House with a unanimous 67 to 0 vote. It does not get any better than that. Thank you for your correspondence to your Representatives. Even though this bill is on a good roll, Legislators look to their constituents for input. Once again, I will follow up when this bill gets to the Senate.


HB 1075, the bill which would allow Dept. of Criminal Investigations to sell confiscated firearms intact instead of destroying them, has been deferred until Monday the 6th. It is presently being heard by the Senate Judiciary committee. This may just be a procedural move due to time constraints. I will once again pass information on to you as I find out.


Remember that all past Alert E-Mails are posted on my blog site at should you need additional information on any of our bills this year. Or you can contact me at one of the below addresses. If I am at the capital, it may take some time to respond, but I try to answer every e-mail.


One last item, people in the state have asked me who Darin Goens is. He is our new NRA-ILA State and Local Affairs liaison. He worked 8 years for the Colorado Senate and was born and raised in Watertown, SD. So in addition to his professional interest, he has a personal interest in our firearms affairs. Darin graduated from the University Of SD and has a masters in political science from the University of Kansas. He was with me at the capital for the hearings on our bills last week. You can reach him at


 As always; please forward this message to every gun owner you know. If this message was forwarded to you and you would prefer to become a member of the SDSSA Alert E-mail list, register at and you will be added to the largest pro-firearms e-mail network in state of South Dakota. Our unduplicated legislative success rate stands at 100% without ever having solicited funds from anyone.


Thank You,

David F. Conway,

SD Shooting Sports Assoc.-Legislative Affairs


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