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SD Shooting Sports Assoc. Alert E-Mail #10

February 3, 2006


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Hello To All,


Now is the time to act and send messages to Senate Judiciary committee members. HB 1134 is scheduled for a hearing this Monday morning, the 6th. This is the "stand your ground" self defense enhancement bill that has passed out of the House 48 to 19. Not a tremendously strong yes vote. If this is a matter for concern for you, please convey this to the below listed committee members. A background for this bill has been published in past Alert E-Mails which are posted at  I plan on being there to testify in favor of this bill and could sure use your correspondence as a back up. This will be our temperamental bill for 2006.


HB 1075 is also scheduled for a hearing in the same committee, but this bill seems to be on very good ground. This is the bill which would give DCI the extra option to sell confiscated firearms. Additional Alert E-Mail information is also posted on my blog site at


Our other two bills are scheduled to be heard by the Senate State Affairs committee, but no date has been set as of yet. I will notify you as I hear more.


E-mail committee members at:

Sen. Abdallah --

Sen. Schoenbeck --

Sen. Gray --

Sen. Knudson --

Sen. Koetzle --

Sen. Koskan --

Sen. Moore --


Or you can call the Senate lobby at 605-773-3821 and leave a message for two Senators at a time. The last option is, if you would like to fax them a letter asking for their support. The fax number is 605-773-6806. Faxes must be preceded by a cover letter and each fax must be individually addressed to each Senator. Whatever method you use, please send them out as soon as possible. If one of these Senators is from your District, you may want to call them while they are home this weekend and talk to them about why you want this legislation passed. All of these Senators are very fair and civic minded and would enjoy talking to a constituent.


As always; please forward this message to every gun owner you know. If this message was forwarded to you and you would prefer to become a member of the SDSSA Alert E-mail list, register at and you will be added to the largest pro-firearms e-mail network in state of South Dakota. Our unduplicated legislative success rate stands at 100% without ever having solicited funds from anyone.


Thank You,


David F. Conway,

SD Shooting Sports Assoc.-Legislative Affairs


P.O. Box 402

Black Hawk,  SD     57718-0402

Phone:     605-787-5713

Fax:          605-786-0339



 If you have received this message in error, (and this does happen occasionally), forward this message to the e-mail address "", and your e-mail address will be deleted. If this is the case, please accept our apologies.