Saturday, September 30, 2006

SD Shooting Sports Assoc. Alert E-mail

From the NRA State Affiliate, the SD Shooting Sports Assoc.

Sept. 30, 2006

Hello To All,

November elections are fast approaching and many of you are
taking advantage of the early voting option offered by South Dakota. That is
a wise choice considering there are 11 Constitutional Amendments to consider
when you go to the polls in November. To vote early, just pick up an
Absentee Ballot at your local County Auditor's office or just vote while you
are there. Remember to bring a picture ID. The SD Shooting Sports Assoc.
takes no official stand on the ballot issues, but we are very biased when it
comes to supporting our progun candidates which have gone that extra mile,
supporting and enhancing our Second Amendment rights to "Keep and Bear
Arms". Governor Mike Rounds and Attorney General Larry Long are two such
candidates. I will concentrate on Mr. Long in this Alert E-mail.

Larry Long is running for reelection to the State Attorney General position.
While in office, Larry has supported every gun bill that was brought forth.
When the Criminal Code Revision bill was debated in 2005, there was a
section supported by the National Rifle Assoc. and the SD Shooting Sports
Assoc. which restores a person's right to own firearms after being denied
those rights by a Federal Law. Mr. Long supported this venture. The AG's
office dealt directly with the NRA legal team to assure that everything went
with as few problems as possible. In most other states the Attorney General
will not even consider this type of legislation because it is in direct
conflict with Federal Law. Not Larry Long, his priorities lie with the
people of SD. Being a fellow shooter, he will always remain a friend of gun

In 2006 we passed 4 extremely important gun bills, one being our version of
the famed Florida Castle Doctrine law. It is our "right to self defense" or
"stand your ground" law which passed with Mr. Long's approval. He was
involved in the process from the very beginning and contributed immensely to
its passage.

In 2006 he not only supported, but initiated a bill which gave his Dept. of
Criminal Investigation the authority to sell unclaimed confiscated guns
rather than destroying them. While most states opt for the latter, Larry
Long knows it is the criminals, not the lawful firearms that need to be
removed from society. He views firearms in the same light as you and I.

Again in 2006 he supported our bill which stopped any state agency from
restricting your legal right to carry a concealed firearm. The Attorney
Generals office supports your lawful right to self defense. He also
supported our bill which would halt the practice of media outlets printing
the names of CCW permit holders. Individual rights and privacies have always
been a prime concern for Larry and he does not feel that gun owners deserve
any less just because they own firearms.

Larry Long stood with us again in 2005 when we pushed through a bill stating
that South Dakota would honor ALL legal pistol permits issued by other
states. He is of strong opinion that permit holders are the most lawful
segment of our society.

Again in 2005, when we introduced a bill which restricted access to our CCW
permit data base to specify only a single permit declared by the holder, Mr.
Long did not interpret this as a restriction for his law enforcement agents,
but supported it for what it was. A much needed tool to address the privacy
concerns of permit holders.

Larry Long has always maintained and continued on the "open door" policy as
it pertains to our issues. Through out the years that I have been lobbying
for your gun rights at the capital, it has always been a pleasure to be able
to walk into his office unannounced and discuss our agenda with him. He
welcomes every opportunity to work with gun legislation.

It is now time for voters to show their thanks to an extremely PRO-GUN
Attorney General. Vote early or vote in November, but please vote to send
Larry Long back to Pierre as our Attorney General. You can rest assured that
your Second Amendment rights will always be protected in South Dakota while
Larry Long is our Attorney General.

As always; please forward this message to every gun owner you know. If this
message was forwarded to you and you want to become a member of the SDSSA
Alert E-mail list, or if you know any gun owners who should receive the
Alert E-mails, send only the e-mail address to and you will
be added to the largest pro-firearms e-mail network in state of South
Dakota. Our unduplicated legislative success rate stands at 100% without
ever having solicited funds from anyone.

Thank You,

David F. Conway,

SD Shooting Sports Assoc.-Legislative Affairs


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